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Welcome to JDB Service Group, where we provide top-tier building, repair, replacement, and maintenance services across Glenside, PA. With over a decade of local experience, we pride ourselves on delivering professional craftsmanship tailored to your specific needs. Whether you’re planning a new construction project or need urgent repairs, our team of licensed experts is here to help.


Our Services


New Construction

Bringing your vision to life with modern solutions and a skilled workforce. Whether you're looking to build your dream home or start a new commercial project in Glenside, PA or neighboring communities, JDB Service Group brings precision and dedication to every new construction job. We ensure that all constructions meet local zoning laws and environmental standards, providing a hassle-free building experience.


Expanding your space efficiently and effectively. Expand your living or working space in Glenside, PA with an addition. We handle everything from initial design and permits to final touches, ensuring seamless integration with your existing structures, enhancing both functionality and property value.

Sheds & Storage

Custom storage solutions that fit your space and budget. Maximize your property’s potential with custom sheds and storage solutions. Ideal for Glenside’s varied seasons, our durable constructions protect your belongings and help declutter your space.

Deck & Patio

Enhancing outdoor living with beautiful, durable constructions. Transform your outdoor living area into a beautiful and functional retreat, perfect for Glenside’s beautiful spring and summer weather. Our decks and patios are designed to complement your landscape and lifestyle, adding value and enjoyment to your Glenside, PA home.

Outdoor Kitchen

Perfect for home chefs looking to take their cooking outdoors. Ideal for folks who love to entertain, we design and build beautiful, functional outdoor kitchens in Glenside, PA and surrounding areas. These amazing outdoor kitchens offer a perfect blend of style and functionality, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors while cooking and socializing with friends and family.

Commercial Renovations

Upgrading your commercial space to meet your business needs. We help businesses in Glenside, PA revitalize their commercial spaces, which can attract more customers, increase worker productivity and the bottom line. Our commercial renovation services are tailored to meet your business needs and local Glenside commercial codes and standards.


Heating & Air Conditioning

Stay comfortable year-round with our reliable HVAC repair services. Quick and efficient, we ensure that Glenside residents and businesses face minimal downtime and enjoy optimal indoor climates all year round.

Plumbing & Water Heaters

From fixing leaks to water heater installations, our expert plumbers ensure Glenside homes and businesses have reliable and efficient plumbing systems, reducing the risk of water damage and high utility bills.


Keep your home appliances running smoothly with our professional appliance repair services. We serve the Glenside community promptly, extending the life of your appliances with minimal inconvenience.

Electric & Lighting

Ensure your Glenside, PA home or business is safe and well-lit with our electrical repair services. We provide everything from emergency repairs to electrical upgrades, helping Glenside residents meet all local electrical codes.

Windows & Doors

Enhance your home’s energy efficiency and security with our window and door installation service. Perfect for combating Glenside’s variable weather, our solutions offer both aesthetic appeal, practicality and security.

Roof & Gutters

Protect your property from Glenside’s harsh weather conditions with our roofing and gutter services. Regular roof maintenance and timely roof repairs prevent water damage and extend the life of your roof and gutters.


Kitchen Remodeling

Transform your kitchen. Upgrade your kitchen’s style and functionality with our kitchen remodeling services, designed to make your kitchen the centerpiece of your Glenside home. Our kitchen designs reflect your personal style and how you use your kitchen. Whether you need a chef-worthy space equipped with the latest appliances or a comfortable, stylish area for family gatherings, we are here to bring your new kitchen ideas to life.

Bathroom Remodeling

Modern bathroom renovations to enhance comfort and value. Transform your bathroom into a luxurious retreat with expert bathroom remodeling services from JDB Service Group, enhancing both the value and comfort of your Glenside home. A well-designed bathroom not only provides a relaxing space but also significantly boosts your Glenside, PA property's marketability.

Windows & Doors

Installation of durable and stylish units. Replace old windows and doors to improve energy efficiency and curb appeal of your Glenside, PA home. Our solutions offer a range of styles and materials suitable for Glenside’s architecture and climate.

Flooring & Trim

A wide range of flooring materials and styles tailored to your tastes. Update your flooring and trim to rejuvenate your home’s look. We provide a variety of materials like hardwood, laminate and tile and styles like plank, stone look, and natural stone, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal for Glenside, PA residents.

Roof & Siding

Protect your home from the elements with our high-quality roof and siding replacements. Our durable roofing materials withstand Glenside’s weather, improving insulation and reducing maintenance.


Building beautiful, durable decks that last. Build a new deck or upgrade your existing deck with our durable and stylish solutions, perfect for enjoying the outdoors in Glenside, PA.

Fireplace & Chimney

Ensure your fireplace and chimney are safe and efficient. Our services enhance the comfort and ambiance of your Glenside home, perfect for colder fall and winter months.


Property Maintenance

Comprehensive care to keep your property in top condition.Keep your Glenside home or business in top condition with our comprehensive maintenance services. We offer seasonal landscaping, gutter cleaning, minor roof repairs, interior/exterior painting, plumbing and electrical checkups, and HVAC maintenance. These services prevent costly repairs, maintain your Glenside, PA property's value, and ensure a comfortable and safe environment.

Capital Planning

Plan for the future and avoid financial surprises with our capital planning services. We'll help you assess and budget for major projects in Glenside, PA like roof replacements, HVAC system upgrades, and exterior renovations. This allows you to prioritize essential projects and spread costs for easier financial management.

Licensing Preparation

Ensuring all your projects meet local Glenside standards. We streamline the process of obtaining necessary licenses for renovations and constructions in Glenside, PA. Our team assists with building permits, electrical and plumbing permits, and any special zoning requirements of Glenside. This ensures your project's safety, longevity, and compliance with local Glenside, PA regulations.

Service Contracts

Regular service to maintain the value and safety of your property. Enjoy peace of mind and predictable budgeting with our routine maintenance service contracts for Glenside, PA homes and businesses. We offer packages for HVAC inspections, gutter cleaning, landscaping, and more, often with discounted rates on additional repair services.

Work-Order Management

We efficiently manage maintenance requests for Glenside, PA properties, ensuring timely and effective service through our online request portal, streamlined communication, and prioritization of emergency repairs. This leads to prompt response times, reduced costs, and transparent communication.

Accessibility Adaptations

Make your Glenside home or business more welcoming and usable for everyone with our custom accessibility solutions. We specialize in ramp installations, doorway widening, bathroom modifications, and adjustments to countertops and light switches. These adaptations enhance quality of life, ensure ADA compliance, and potentially increase the appeal of your Glenside, PA property to buyers or renters.


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Our new deck and patio from JDB Service Group have completely transformed how we enjoy our home. Excellent service and craftsmanship!

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